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Interesting Facts On Saudi Arabia

This post is specially made for the people of Saudi Arabia and interested people of the world who wants to know more important facts about country Saudi Arabia. So, stay in touch for more general knowledge.

  • Islam is the country's official religion.
  • The government employs the Sharia (Islamic law) as a guiding principle of rule.
  • Saudi Islam is greatly influenced by the 18th Century traditions and doctrines know as Wahabism by the Westerners and non-Saudis.
  • The Saudi curriculum heavily emphasizes the study of Islam, as this is their official and only religion. No other faith, in any form is tolerated to be practiced inside the Kingdom.
  • The government extended public education to girls in 1960, despite opposition from some conservative religious leaders.
  • Saudi men wear a white cotton robe known as a thob and a colorful kerchief called a ghoutra on their heads.
  • The women wear a black outer robe called an abaya, and their heads are covered by black veils.
  • Only men are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, Saudi women are not permitted to drive or to travel abroad without a male relative's approval.
  • Women traditionally use veils to cover their hair in public and a mask (called a burka or batula) to cover their faces.
  • Igal, two intertwined black cords formed into rings is worn by most Saudi men on their head.
  • Alcohol, in any variation or form is strictly prohibited inside the Kingdom.
  • There is no single movie house, theater or any form of liberal entertainment in all parts of the country.
  • Saudi singers are among the most popular in the Arab world.
  • Oil was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938.
  • One-quarter of the world's petroleum reserves are believed to lie under the country.
  • The major oil fields are in the eastern part of the country and offshore in the Persian Gulf.
  • Recovered crude oil is mostly exported since the internal demand for petroleum is relatively low.
  • It is the largest exporter of petroleum in the world-in 2002 Saudi Arabia exported about 6 million barrels per day-and has the power to influence world oil prices.
  • In 2004 Saudi Arabia produced 8.8 million barrels of oil per day, equivalent to 5.9 billion cups.
  • Saudi Arabia began producing natural gas liquids in 1962
  • Saudi fishers caught 66,590 metric tons of fish in 2004.
  • The region's only railway line connects Riyadh with the Persian Gulf port of Ad Damm%u0101m, by way of Al Huf%u016Bf.The United States is the country's largest trading partner, followed by Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany.
  • Saudi Arabia probably has the most developed banking sector in the Middle East. The unit of currency is the Saudi riyal (SR), consisting of 100 halalah (3.70 Saudi riyals equal U.S.$1; 2005 average).
  • The form of government is Monarchy and the King is both the head of the State and Government.
  • Unlike all other countries, Saudi Arabia has no Constitution; the state is governed according to Sharia (Islamic law).
  • The laws of Saudi Arabia are based on the Sharia, which is derived from the Qur'an and the Sunna.
  • The Ministry of Justice is charged with operating the country's Sharia courts, and the minister of justice is the country's chief judge.
  • In Saudi Arabia, punishments for serious crimes can include amputation and death by beheading, hanging, or, in rare cases, stoning.
  • Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 provinces, or emirates.
  • Saudi Arabia was a name given by Abdul Aziz ibn Saud to his captured territory on 1932 after unifying the conquered territories.
  • In 1945 Saudi Arabia joined the United Nations (UN) and the newly founded Arab League, an association with the goal of promoting the interests of Arabic-speaking nations
  • As crown prince Abdullah had been the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia ever since Fahd was severely weakened by a stroke in late 1995.
  • Osama Bin Laden was actually a Saudi. He was the son of a Saudi wealthy businessman.
  • Riyadh is the capital and the country has a total area of 2,240,000 sq km.
  • The world's largest oil field Ghawar is in Saudi Arabia located near Ad Dammam at the Persian Gulf.
  • Women and men should not be seen together inside the elevator or else you'll be grounds for automatic interrogations from the mutaweens.
  • The most common food here is the kabsa, a combination of rice flavored with raisins, nuts and some spices.
  • Diesel is much cheaper than water, you can buy 1 liter of bottled water for about $1 while a liter of diesel will just cost you amazingly 50 cents only.
  • Gold is sold here as if you are selling fancy jewelries. There are no security guards in any jewelry shop.
  • Men are strictly forbidden to enter in any beauty parlor.
  • No man is allowed to speak or chat with any female in public except in hospitals.
  • Crime rate is very low here because if this strong imposition of Sharia Law.
  • Five times daily, Muslims closed everything and stop anything they are doing.
  • All commercial establishments and public place halt their activities during these instances where they do "salah". Salah is the Arabic word for prayer so Salah times prayer times.
  • Baldness is common here because water is very hot during the summer and extreme cold during the winter.
  • The week starts in Saturdays and ends in Wednesdays. Unlike other countries, Thursdays and Fridays is the official weekends here.
  • They used Hijira Calendar not Gregorian calendar. In their calendar, their present year is 1429 unlike the rest of the world which is 2008. They lag by more than five hundred years.
  • Women when travelling in their cars should not be seated parallel to the driver or in the front seat especially if the driver is not her husband.
  • Body parts showing legs, arms, or the entire face of a woman is colored by black ink. These are not allowed to be shown in public also.
  • Kaliwali is the Arabic translation of the expression "I don't care".
  • Saudi Arabia has the world's most number of beautiful and luxurious cars and vehicles.
  • Since there is no value added taxes on goods and merchandises, the price of consumer electronics devices is very very attractive.
  • People here don't care about the spelling of their English Words.
  • Pork is strictly forbidden here that's why no one is selling it either.


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